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We have build amazing online courses. Start learning from professionals right from your place. Please drop us an email to know more.

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We also provide 1-on-1 workshops where you get to interact more with the teacher. In past we have been to various colleges and schools.

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To a lot of people learning some cool stuff is more important than getting job. But we got your covered just in case if you are looking for a job

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Our team's day goes around working on following stuff

Augmented Reality

See on top of reality

Artificial Intelligence

AI makes our games challenging

Multiplayer Games

Challenge the entire world

Kids Corner

Make fun games for kids

Virtual Reality

Creating your dream world

Challenging Puzzles

Puzzles make your brain sharp

Our Story

We were born with a belief to make education fun

  • April 2012

    Oculus showed a glimpse of future

    Palmer Luckey announced the Rift, a virtual reality headset designed for video gaming, and launched a Kickstarter campaign in August to make virtual reality headsets available to developers. The campaign proved successful and raised $2.4 Million, ten times the original goal of $250,000.

  • 2013-current

    Unity 4.x VR Support

    Unity Technologies extended virtual reality support for their gaming engine. Since then, Unity has kept on improving plugin support for VR development. No wonder why today 58% of virtual reality applications are being created with Unity alone.

  • 2014-current

    Upload VR started to promote VR

    Taylor Freeman, Will Mason and Robert Scoble, of Upload VR began to create awareness about Virtual Reality & how it will change the future.

  • mid 2016-current

    IV Dimension Studios was born

    It wasn't long before that we, at IVDStudios, began to explore new ways of implementing virtual reality in our daily lives. We managed to bring Abi onboard to guide us with our business strategy as we started to work on this awesome technology. We had one target in mind to make education fun for all and to make learning fast & effective for all the students. We are extremely keen of changing how training is provided in every sector from agriculture to tech

  • Future
    is yet
    To come!


Below are few people working at IVDStudios

Abhimanyu Aryan

Course Instructor/CTO

Chirag Nijhawan

Head of Sales/CEO

Vivek TriSkele

Growth Hacking Guru

Jayant Sachdeva

Lead 3D Artist

Dev Singh

Senior Video Editor

We are a small team of Indie developers in Gurugram with a vision to make education fun & interactive with help of XRs(VR, AR, MR). We are currently not hiring but we are always looking for great talent. Email us at [email protected] & tell us why you wish to work with us

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