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We also provide 1-on-1 workshops where you get to interact more with the teacher. In past we have been to various colleges and schools.

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Our team's day goes around working on following stuff

Augmented Reality

See on top of reality

Artificial Intelligence

AI makes our games challenging

Multiplayer Games

Challenge the entire world

Kids Corner

Make fun games for kids

Virtual Reality

Creating your dream world

Challenging Puzzles

Puzzles make your brain sharp

Our Story

Some people are born with talent. We were born with an idea

  • Jan 1995

    A Gamer was born

    IVDStudio's Founder Abhimanyu Aryan was born on 13th Sep 1995. Being a kid he only enjoyed playing games. He liked this world more than the real world but due to technology constraints he couldn't enter this world

  • March 2012

    Getting to know about VR

    So one day when Abhimanyu Aryan was sitting with bunch of Computer Geeks he got this weird idea of sending people to their dream worlds. He quickly came back home and starting Googling around. After few hours of searching he found this 1950's technology Virtual Reality and decided to work on it

  • 2012-2016

    Learning to Code

    He started to learn coding from Codecademy. He learned many technologies like Web Development, Android App Development, iOS Development, Database, Algorithms, AI in all those years and finally when we ended his curiousity about Computer Science and started to work on his childhood dream "Game Development"

  • May 2016

    IV Dimension Studios was born

    After years of coding and learning various technologies Abhimanyu Aryan founded IV Dimension Studios. IVDStudios work in various technologies like Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Blender, Photoshop/Gimp. Some of these are open source and people at ivdstudios are continously contributing to these technologies

  • Future
    is yet
    To come!


Below are people whose vision formed IVDStudios



Abhimanyu Aryan


Vivek TriSkele

Growth Hacking Guru

Jayant Sachdeva


Chirag Nijhawan

Sales/Marketing Director

Dev Singh

Creative Director

We have a team of 61 developers in India. We are still scaling to be a part of our team. Drop your resume to [email protected]

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